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January 1, 2021
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July 26, 2021
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In the medical field, different tapes are used for multiple purposes. Tapes are made of softer material. Some tapes are elastic as they support flexibility.

Got a cut from a knife?

Not to worry! Medical tape supplier has made it easy to protect your injured part.

Below-mentioned are some of the most common types of medical adhesive tape and how they differ.

Micropore Paper Tape:

It is commonly used to secure bandages and dressings to the skin. It can be used long-term, without fear of skin irritation, as it is hypoallergenic. Its sticky part catches the skin quickly. Micropores, in the tape, make it easy to tear. It is also ideal for emergencies.


For changing the bandage daily.

Taping sensitive skin


Transpore Polyethylene Tape:

This is also hypoallergenic tape. This tape doesn’t stick to surgical gloves or tools, as it sticks to the patient. It sticks well to wet surfaces of the patients who are wet, bleeding or sweating. This tape is very strong.

It is often used to secure tubing or dressings.

Transpore tape is not flexible as it is made from a non-stretch film.


Secure dressing place of cuts or burns

It prevents irritation in different body parts.

Upon removal, it tears foam off the splint.

To avoid scarring, use a butterfly stitch to close cuts.

Zinc Oxide Tape:

It is commonly used to prevent sports injuries. Zinc oxide tape also helps to:

Protect wounds,

Accelerating healing, and

Stabilizing injuries.

It also protects athletes from soft tissue damage. This tape works well in humid environments and can tolerate high levels of sweat. It is made of non-stretch cotton. It can remain perfect for hours.


Sports injuries

Protecting tissue damage

It is used in sweating

Waterproof Tape:

They are designed for water use. This tape works when applied to dry skin only. Mostly, waterproof tapes are extremely malleable. They can also be stuck to the cursed surfaces of the body.


Secure dressing in place for cuts or burns.

Preventing irritation on several parts of the body

Covering cuts or cracks in unusual or frequently used areas, such as between fingers

Protects sensitive skin

Can be used underwater or while sweating.

Durable Cloth Tape:

This is one of the widely used types of medical tape. It is soft and cozy and sticks perfectly to the skin and doesn’t leave a sticky residue when removed. It is ideal for long-term use.


The bandages are changed daily.

Splinting to secure a fractured bone.



At least one type of medical tape should be included in every “First Aid Kit”. They are highly helpful in a variety of scenarios and will always be beneficial. Make sure you do not have just the right medical tape on hand, but also that you know how to apply it properly.

Apart from medical tapes, syringe suppliers have also grown in the industry of medical.

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