June 5, 2020

Hand Sanitizer

Prominent Hand Sanitizer Manufacturers in China

Shandong Zhushi Pharmaceutical Group Co., Limited is one of the specialized hand sanitizer manufacturers in China. Our main sanitizer bottles include 75% Ethyl alcohol-based and are available in 30ml and we are approaching to offer 60ml 100ml 250ml 300ml 500ml 1L, etc. hand sanitizers.

Zhushi was established a decade ago as a professional hand sanitizer producer. The manufacturing center of our company is over 560 acres employing more than 250 full-time employees.

Sanitizing gels help people to wash their hands anywhere without using soap, water, or towels. Hand sanitizers also give quick and effective cleaning and erase most of the germs that get contacted with the skin. It is perfect having them available in shops, stores, or any type of company.

At Zhushi we produce an FDA-registered hand sanitizer suitable for every skin type that is ideal to carry around always; thanks to its secure closure and format.

We specialize in manufacturing and delivering daily use hygienic items such as syringe, needle, plaster and patch, health food, eye mask, personal care, medical supply, disposable face masks, disposable medical protective clothing, and other types of COVID products.  As one of the all-around hand sanitizer manufacturers, we offer abundant options for clients to choose from. Our products are diversified in scent, net capacity, and packaging designs.

Hand Sanitizer Manufacturers & Supplier

Zhushi focuses on manufacture, product research and development, and distribution of personal healthcare daily products. We always focus on gathering a variety of distinguished products, carry out big variety, the development strategy of the famous brand, mass production, and big marketing.

We are one of the Chinese certified hand sanitizer manufacturers and we operate with a no-waste factory. As a registered company, we have quadrupled manufacturing capacity almost every month since January 2020.

We have a mission to develop and produce hygienic products for customers and the beauty field. We aim to be positioned as an alternative to current pharmacological solutions. Zhushi wants to be among the hand sanitizer manufacturers which provide affordable and sustainable alternatives and practices that aid people to cure and treat all types of beauty issues, illnesses, and conditions that may affect their health and welfare.


Country: China
Model No: –
FOB Price: 285 ~ 358 / Carton ( Negotiable ) Get Latest Price
Place of Origin: Shandong China
Price for Minimum Order: 285 per Carton
Minimum Order Quantity: 2 Carton
Packaging Detail: 50 bottle per carton
Delivery Time: 15 to 20 days
Supplying Ability: 50 Carton per Day
Payment Type: T/T
Product Group : Medical Supplies


PRODUCT COMPOSITIONThe main components of the product are 54-66v / V ethanol and 9-11 (V / V) n-propanol.

SCOPE OF USE It is used for quick hand cleaning of medical staff in intensive care unit, emergency room, outpatient department, ward and other personnel in need.

USAGE For personal hygiene and surgery.

1. Personal hygiene use: take a proper amount of hand disinfectant on the palm of the hand, rub hands together to evenly coat each part, and the action time is 1.0min.

2. Surgical use: after washing hands, apply appropriate amount of hand disinfectant evenly to the skin of hands, forearms and 1 / 3 of the lower part of the upper arm for 3 min to 5 min.


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