January 20, 2020
January 20, 2020

Medical Catheter

Leading Chinese Medical Catheter Supplier

Shandong Zhushi Pharmaceutical Group Co., L (Zhushi) is more than a national medical catheter supplier of urinary and medical products. Apart from catheters, we offer multiple products like needles, syringes, plaster and patch, health food, eye mask, personal care, sterile patches, disposable face masks, oral supplements, disposable medical protective clothing, and other types of COVID-19 related items.

A urinary medical catheter is a medical supply for a variety of reasons surrounding human health. Likewise, catheters are offered in several types and sizes, depending upon each user’s body type and need. Do you need a reliable medical catheter supplier? We are here for you as we offer female, male, and pediatric size catheters.

Our process makes it as easy as possible for you to get the supplies you need. We ship your supplies directly to your doorstep within the agreed timeline.

By partnering with us you will get access to one of the most complete and largest stocks in the Chinese market. With such a large variety to pick from you have a probability to find a catheter that will work for your customers.

Quality Medical Catheter Supplier in China

At Zhushi, we give you a point to sell one of the highest quality catheters from the top medical catheter supplier in the medical sector. The medical catheter you are seeing on this page is simply the best quality you will find on the online market today. We make it straightforward to navigate through our web catheter catalog at Zhushi.

Regardless of what catheter type you need, Zhushi’s Product Specialists are here to resolve your queries. Our staff will offer you getting empathy, and we’ll tune in to what you like and don’t care for about catheter supplies to provide you an item that will be perfect for your unique catheterization requirements.

We are a customer-driven medical catheter supplier. Our clients provide you the best source of where we are standing. Also, Zhushi believes that they are among the best sources to find more about our products and high standards. We encourage every customer to give their feedback online along with their testimonials so that we can improve further.



Product  Name DisposableSterileCatheterizationKit
Brand Name  Zhushi
Model No. ZS-Sterile catheter bag
Material PVC
Specification Single cavity:6Fr, 8Fr, 10Fr, 12Fr, 14Fr, 16Fr 18Fr, 20Fr, 22Fr, 24Fr;
Double cavity: 6F, 8Fr, 10Fr, 12FT, 14Fr6Fr I8Fr, 20Fr, 22Fr, 24Fr.
Color Blue
Function The product is provided for catheterization and urination
Usssage Attention 1. The product is aseptic and is for disposable use only.
2. It is strictly prohibited to use if the package is damaged.
3. This product should be used by medical staff or under the guidance of doctors.
4. Waste shall be disposed of according to the requirements of environmental protection departments or hospitals after use.
Shelf life 3 years


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