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Medical Thermometer

Leading Medical Thermometer Manufacturers

Shandong Zhushi Pharmaceutical Group Co., Limited is one of the leading Medical Thermometer manufacturers in Shanghai, China. Apart from the medical thermometer, we offer different medical equipment including syringe, needle, plaster and patch, health food, eye mask, personal care, medical supply, disposable face masks, disposable medical protective clothing, and other types of COVID-19 supporting products.

A medical thermometer is used for the measurement of human body temperature. The tip of the medical infrared thermometer is inserted into the mouth known as oral temperature (under the armpit), or into the rectum through the anus or rectal temperature.

The mercury-filled conventional medical thermometer operates in a way similar to a meteorological maximum thermometer. The thermometer carries a mercury-led bulb annexed to the small tube.

You will find a constriction present in the neck near the bulb. As the temperature goes up, the expansion force pushes the mercury up in the tube via constriction. When the temperature goes down, the column of mercury splits at the constriction, and then it becomes unable to return to the bulb; consequently remains stationary in the tube. To reset the infrared thermometer, it ought to swing sharply.

Reliable Infrared Thermometer Manufacturer

Undoubtedly, a normal or an infrared thermometer is necessary for every home to be kept as a first aid kit. While high temperature is a body’s way to fight disease, a high fever for the long-term is potentially hazardous and even deadly. So, a high-quality and accurate thermometer plays a vital role in monitoring fevers.

As one of the top Medical Thermometer manufacturers, we have a firm belief in the magnitude of live experience for customers and us to come together and create real progress in the ever-changing market of human health.

Whether in online or person, we enable relationships, deeper learning, and decisions. It all comes down to more commercial completeness and more innovation. Therefore, we will keep building our unrivaled market presence regarding infrared thermometer.

To compete with other top Medical Thermometer manufacturers, we will play our part to aid everyone linked to the healthcare sector and will make real progress via better commercial connections and valuable earned experience.


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Place of Origin: shandong china
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Minimum Order Quantity: 10000 Pack
Packaging Detail: carton
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Supplying Ability: 20 Pack
Payment Type: T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, Money Gram, PayPal
Product Group : Medical Supplies


This product is a non-contact remote infrared thermometer which is specialized in measuring human body temperature. It is widely used in schools, customs, hospitals, and families. Easy to use, mode selection, LCD display, buzzer prompt, Memory reading, backlight reminder, temperature offset setting, alarm threshold setting, automatic shutdown, and other functions.


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